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Beyond e-commerce: Omni-channel commerce

E-commerce has evolved. To many, e-commerce is simply a transaction: acquiring a product or service using the web. However, integrating different channels in order to give the customer a better experience has become a necessity for any company looking to grow...



Logistics play a key role in e-commerce

Customer experience when shopping online is critical to creating a loyal customer rather than pushing them away for good. An online store must always strive to find the most effective way to positively surprise customers and provide a unique experience. This is where logistics play a critical role, every bit as important as having an intuitive and user-friendly web store...



SEO is still a critical component of any e-commerce strategy

One of the most effective ways to draw traffic to your web store is to optimize it so that it ranks at the very top in search engine results. By meeting your customer’s needs in their searches, you are a lot more likely to increase your sales. The critical aspects of e-commerce SEO and the most common pitfalls are...



Selling on Ebay is now easier than ever

TotalCode can keep your products, costs, deals, and orders synchronized across your web store, retail store, and call center. Now you can publish all your products (or a group of products) on E-bay and keep them synched automatically. Every sale will be kept track of by TotalCode, for central processing of all your orders...