Omnichannel: Attract
even more sales

Customers expect to be able to interact with your company through any channel (brick and mortar store, web store, call center, marketplaces) and also expect to receive exceptional service when interacting with any of those channels. TotalCode OmniCommerce allows your company to offer just that: exceptional experiences at all customer touchpoints. These outstanding experiences will help make your client fall in love with your brand.

Point of Sale

Your customers expect to be able to use gift cards, coupons, and loyalty points at your web store and at your retail store(s). Indulge them, and increase your sales.


TotalCode can publish your products at marketplaces such as Amazon and E-bay... synching your stock levels, prices and orders.

Phone orders and more...

Sell and provide support over the phone, call center, kiosks, sales force tablets (including B2B), and EDI. TotalCode has all the modules you need.

We live in an OmniChannel world

It happens every day: First, your customers (and you) do their research on your smartphone, maybe call or visit a couple of stores, and at night decide to make the purchase on their computer (the order may vary). The customer no longer relies on only one channel, but rather on the Omnichannel Journey.

What are the advantages of being Omnichannel?

For starters, your customers will be your company’s best advertisers... but let’s take a look at the numbers:

  • The omnichannel customer spends 208% more than the brick and mortar store customer.
  • The omnichannel customer spends 93% more than the webstore customer.
  • Customer retention without omnichannel is 33%, with omnichannel it’s 89%.
  • The omnichannel customer lifetime value is 30% higher.
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